Disability Advice & Information in Peterborough


July Newslink 2017

It’s never too late to exercise, have fun and make friends! Just ask residents of the Kingfisher Court Extra Care Home! Pictured are a few of the participants of the weekly exercise group run by Andy Fitzgerald on behalf of Inspire Peterborough. Andy has devised a class that is part tai chi and part seated exercise so that no one feels excluded. Nikki Griffiths, Programme Manager for Inspire Peterborough said. “This is a wonderful class, some of the regulars are into their 90s and love Andy’s sessions.


June Newslink 2017

Inspire Peterborough: Improving the city’s health and well-being with Oak Activities Inspire Peterborough recently received a wellearned extension to the Sport England funding programme which started back in 2013. Some of the new funding will help deliver exercise/seated exercise classes to people with disabilities, long term health issues and older people.