Disability Advice & Information in Peterborough


November Newslink 2018

Former Government head slams PIP assessments as ‘Kafka-esque’. A former top civil servant has criticised the disability benefits assessment system as a “hostile environment” after being told he was ineligible for support despite having Parkinson’s and terminal prostate cancer.


July Newslink 2018

Are disabled people denied access to justice in Peterborough by failure of Courts to make reasonable adjustments? Disabled people are being denied access to justice because of the city’s Courts failure to make the reasonable adjustments.


June Newslink 2018

Peterborough Disability Forum has been working with Friends of Central Park (FoCP) to address complaints about the disabled toilets in Central Park. These toilets are closed when there are no staff on duty – which from 1st September till 30 April means after 4pm.


November Newslink 2017

Accessible Christmas Shopping-How good is Peterborough? Judging by the continuing correspondence the Peterborough Disability Forum receives, the journey from the Train Station into Peterborough City Centre is extremely difficult for many people with disabilities, their family members and carers and also for many older people

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