We have been working hard to launch our own shopping service to support physically disabled people in Peterborough who are self-isolating and can’t get out. We have teamed up with King Brothers, who normally sell to the trade. They have compiled a list to choose from that includes bread, dairy products, meat, frozen veg, store cupboard essentials and cleaning products.


We will deliver to your doorstep or into your house if needed. All deliveries into a house will be done in full PPE, so could you please let us know if this is required. Whilst we will always try to delivery what you have requested, we use supermarkets to substitute products and cannot guarantee product availability. Please have all orders placed by Wednesday afternoon for delivery on Friday.


If you think you would like to try our shopping service, please ring us on 01733 265551 to discuss your needs. We have also posted our shopping list here

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