Recently Julie Fernandez, a member of the Disability Peterborough team took part in an interview with Martyn Sibley, a well-known disabled activist and entrepreneur. Play the video below to find out more:

Whilst Disability Peterborough is strongly supportive of Purple Tuesday (The UK’s accessible shopping day) event taking place nationally on 13th November 2018, unfortunately this year the very short notice given to us means that we could not participate as we would have liked to. We have already started talking to colleagues in Peterborough about events that we can work on for next year. If any disabled individuals or local businesses would like to join us we are putting together a working group to support the 2019 event. The new group will be looking at;

  • More active promotion, and possible expansion, of current accessibility initiatives
  • Introducing regular ‘quiet hours’ (this could be on a weekly/fortnightly/ monthly basis)
  • Introduction – or expansion of – personal shopping and gift-wrapping services and promoting those services to disabled customers
  • Providing the option to buy now, collect later, or buy in store for home delivery
  • Committing to employ more disabled people so your workforce better reflects the diversity of your customer base
  • Improvements to the physical accessibility of your locations (this could include exploring the feasibility of a Changing Places facility)
  • Improving store accessibility/wayfinding
  • More inclusive marketing and product photography (e.g. using disabled models)
  • Improving the accessibility of websites and apps
  • Ensuring information on hidden impairments is available
  • Introducing ‘not all disabilities are visible’ signage for accessible toilets, changing rooms, etc. (also known as ‘Grace’s sign’)
  • Including specific accessibility questions in customer feedback surveys
  • Recruiting disabled ‘mystery shoppers’ to give feedback on the customer experience

Please get in contact with us if you would like to be included in this exciting new initiative.