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Housing Allocation –  Finding a Home in Peterborough

The Housing Options Team delivers a range of services to people with housing accommodation needs, including those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. We assess the client’s needs for re-housing, give advice to clients on the options available, arrange temporary accommodation for homeless people in line with Government legislation, and allocate permanent housing. We are based in the Central Library in Peterborough.

We also have a ‘Choice Based’ lettings scheme giving you the chance to choose which properties you would like to be considered for. Different properties are advertised each week on the Peterborough Homes – Your Choice website, in Area Housing Offices and at the Housing Options reception in Peterborough Central Library. Posters of the properties are also displayed in all local libraries in Peterborough, at Drinksense, The New Haven, Timestop,  GLADCA, Connexions, and St Theresa’s.  The properties are also advertised in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph. For more information on this scheme, visit the Peterborough Homes – Your Choice website.

We also administer the Council’s rental deposit scheme. This scheme assists potentially homeless applicants to access the private rented sector. Applicants under this scheme cannot be considered if they have any rent arrears outstanding (current or former). They will also be required to pay back the deposit in affordable instalments within a pre-arranged time scale. The Council receives a lot of applications for assistance under this scheme and unfortunately is unable to help everyone. If you would like further information please contact us. To qualify for consideration under this scheme you must be on the Housing Register and be homeless or threatened with homelessness in the very near future.

If you would like to see the Allocations Policy, or download a copy of a Housing Register Application Form please use the links at the end of this page. You can also download a pdf copy of the Homeless Strategy Action Plan.

If you would like an interview with a Housing Options Officer,

telephone 01733 747474 during normal working hours.

You will need to bring the following documentation with you if you want to join the Housing Register


Necessary Documentation




 2 Forms of Identification


e.g. Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving Licence




If from outside the UK, but within the EU, a Passport and National Insurance Number






If from outside the EU and seeking asylum, you need to bring original Home Office papers






If living with family or friends please supply full names and dates of birth of all other family members you are currently living with






Marriage Certificate if you are married






Divorce papers or a solicitor’s letter if you are separating






If you have children over 18 years old or in full-time employment you need to bring a letter from them confirming they wish to be re-housed






If you have children under 18 years old and in full-time education you need to bring either Child Benefit book or Birth Certificate






If pregnant, you need to bring confirmation of pregnancy






I f you have children that are not living with you full-time, you need to bring formal confirmation of access to the children


Solicitor’s letter; Court Order; letter from other parent




If you are a joint homeowner you need to bring proof of your interest in the property, current market valuation, latest mortgage statement, and confirmation of what will happen to your interest in the property.






You need to provide details of all your previous addresses for the last 5 years and 2 proofs of current residency


e.g. gas bill, electricity bill, bank statement




If you are losing your property you need to bring a copy of the Court Order, legal agreement, repossession order, property transfer or written confirmation from lender






If property sold/to be sold you need to bring confirmation of what is/was your interest in the property, (current) valuation, mortgage statement if applicable or proof of net amount received from the sale






If you are a tenant you need to bring a copy of your tenancy agreement or court order if required to leave






If leaving HM Forces you need to bring a copy of your discharge documentation






If your property is in poor repair, you need to bring a copy of the closing order or a copy of the Environmental Health Repairs notice






If you are in poor health you need to bring a list of current medication and/or treatment. (DO NOT bring your medication with you)






If you need to move due to harassment you need to bring letters of supporting evidence


e.g. police reports or crime numbers




If you are leaving care you need to bring a letter from Social Services


It would also help with your application if you are able to

v      confirm the areas that you are prepared to live in

v      confirm the property type you would be prepared to live in, e.g. house or flat

v      highlight any need for specific requirements, e.g. downstairs facilities, wheelchair adaptations, bedroom for full-time carer or sheltered accommodation for the elderly

Application Forms and Table of Properties

Peterborough City Council’s Allocations Policy

Contact the Housing Options Team