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About Disability Peterborough

Disability Peterborough are here for any queries you may have, call us on 01733 265551 or email info@disabilitypeterborough.org

About Disability Peterborough

  • Introduction

    About Us

    Disability Peterborough was established over 30 years ago to support local physically disabled people and their families. We are a disability user led charity, with 75% of our staff, volunteers and trustees being disabled.

    We support over 5000 local people every year, dealing with over 40,000 phone enquires. Our services include:

    • One-on-one holistic support, working on all aspects of an individual’s life. We provide guidance on everything linked with disability, including: education, legal rights, employment, equality/discrimination, benefits, blue badges. We have a ‘Credability Quality Mark’ for our disability casework.
    • Advocacy and influencing for disability rights, locally and at a national/governmental level.
    • Different health and well-being services, with social inclusion, health and co-production at their core.
    • Shopmobility, a scheme that loans out wheelchairs and scooters so that disabled people can access the city centre and Queensgate shopping centre.

    No other organisation offers our services for physically disabled people in the area.

Contact Information

Disability Peterborough:

01733 265551

Our Aims

  • Introduction

    Disability/DIAL Peterborough (DP) exists to make Peterborough a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.

    • Our vision – a society where people with a disability are valued equally, listened to, and included.
    • Our objectives – providing services where people with disabilities live fully integrated lives economically and socially.
    • Our mission – to empower disabled people so they can enjoy the full extent of their rights to pursue the best possible quality of life and realise their full potential.
  • Four Core Functions

    The four core functions of Disability Peterborough:

    1. Support disabled people to access their rights.
    2. Identify local needs and issues of disabled people./li>
    3. Enable the views of disabled people to be represented effectively at policy, strategic planning, and service delivery levels of our statutory partners./li>
    4. Ensure disability issues are kept high on local and government agendas.

How To Find Us

  • Our Locations

    Head Office
    John Mansfield Centre,
    Western Avenue
    Dogsthorpe, Peterborough
    PE1 4HX

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